1. The negation in logic
    The denial of "There might be X" is the null, "False, there is no X."
  2. A refusal to comply with a request.
    Every time we asked for an interview we got a denial.
  3. An assertion of untruth
    The singer has issued a sweeping denial of all the rumors.
  4. Refusal to believe a problem exists
    We couldn"t break through his denial about being alcoholic.

6 letters in word "denial": A D E I L N.

Anagrams of denial:

Words found within denial:

ad ae ai aid aide ail ailed ain aine al ale alien aline an and ane ani anil anile da dae daine dal dale dali dan de deal dean dei deil del deli den deni di dial die diel din dine ea ean ed eild el elain elan eland eld eldin eliad en end id ide idea ideal idle ilea in la lad lade laden laid lain land lande lane lea lead lean led lei lend li liane lid lie lied lien lin lind line lined na nae nail naled ne neal ned nid nidal nide nie nied nil